At Studio Rêver, we work with a team of creatives where we go through a step-by-step process while designing any project for our clients. To help you better understand what we promise to deliver as visual merchandisers, we thought we’d give out some insights into this six-stage process.

Mood Board for a Bombay Sweet Shop Pop-Up

To get…

Harishitaa & Ankita, Co-founders of Studio Rêver

We distinctly remember the feeling, nervously pressing the share button on our first social media post, one year ago, today! After months of research, meticulous planning and countless hours spent on calls, our dream was finally turning into reality. We were very aware that while we might put in our…

‘Sneaky Sweets’ Pop-Up and Installation at The Bombay Canteen

While our business cards read Visual Merchandiser, people’s faces when they look at it read confusion. The natural response we subsequently get is, “What exactly does a visual merchandiser do?” Upon breaking it down, there is a slight ‘aha’ moment where they realise that a visual merchandiser’s work is something…

Selfridges ‘Waste is Rubbish’ window display as a part of Project Earth

Over the past year, with everyone essentially living on the internet, the conversation around sustainability, especially sustainable or conscious consumerism, has significantly amplified. People had the opportunity to reflect on how their behaviour is impacting the environment and led to a dramatic shift in preferences. …

Studio Rever

Studio Rêver is a Multidisciplinary Spatial Design studio. We create experiences through Visual Merchandising, Interior and Set Designing/Styling.

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