LUSH’s experiential flagship store in London

It’s becoming increasingly important for brands to capture their consumers’ attention, to come up with displays that make them want to stop and look rather than just walk past a long array of competitors. Brands are embracing creative new ways to attract their consumers, through branded environments, be it pop-ups, window displays, installations or retail stores with a twist. A branded environment can be any physical space that conveys the essence of a brand and in the process creates an experience for the consumer. …

At Studio Rêver, we work with a team of creatives where we go through a step-by-step process while designing any project for our clients. To help you better understand what we promise to deliver as visual merchandisers, we thought we’d give out some insights into this six-stage process.

Mood Board for a Bombay Sweet Shop Pop-Up

To get an insight into a visual merchandiser’s role in the retail space, check out our previous blog here!

  1. Understand

Before taking on any project, we first try and understand the client’s brief and what they expect from us, including their vision for their space. A crucial part in the pre-design stage…

Behind every cake there’s a mess you can’t see and what might seem like a perfect photograph when you’re scrolling through Instagram, clearly doesn’t start that way. Here are a few things we like to keep in mind while styling products and shoots for our clients, to tell their story as best we can:

Product styling for Homegrown brand Nangoo Coffee; Photographed by Studio Pyxis
  1. Brand Colours are always a good idea

The most important thing to keep in mind while choosing the mood for your shoot is your brand’s colour palate. Using brand colours as backdrops set a great base to style the rest of the shoot around and ensure…

Harishitaa & Ankita, Co-founders of Studio Rêver

We distinctly remember the feeling, nervously pressing the share button on our first social media post, one year ago, today! After months of research, meticulous planning and countless hours spent on calls, our dream was finally turning into reality. We were very aware that while we might put in our best efforts, starting a business during a pandemic would bring a set of unforeseen challenges. We didn’t know what to expect, but we knew that it was either now or a tomorrow that never comes.

‘Sneaky Sweets’ Pop-Up and Installation at The Bombay Canteen

While our business cards read Visual Merchandiser, people’s faces when they look at it read confusion. The natural response we subsequently get is, “What exactly does a visual merchandiser do?” Upon breaking it down, there is a slight ‘aha’ moment where they realise that a visual merchandiser’s work is something that everyone routinely encounters, it’s the term itself that confuses them. We at Studio Rêver want visual merchandising to become part of the everyday lexicon, even beyond the retail space.

Being a visual merchandiser means designing and creating aesthetically pleasing displays and have a strong sense of brand storytelling. Our…

Interior Design by Studio Rêver

Even the smallest of changes can sometimes make a big difference in your space! Be it your bedroom, living room, bathroom or even your dorm room, making a few tweaks here and there can have a dramatic effect on not just how a space looks, but also how it makes you feel.

Here are a few tips we think can help elevate your space and uplift your mood:

Selfridges ‘Waste is Rubbish’ window display as a part of Project Earth

Over the past year, with everyone essentially living on the internet, the conversation around sustainability, especially sustainable or conscious consumerism, has significantly amplified. People had the opportunity to reflect on how their behaviour is impacting the environment and led to a dramatic shift in preferences. Aside from buying good quality products, people also care about what they buy, where they buy it from, and the story behind it all.

So why should brands, more specifically retail stores, care about sustainability, aside from it being a CSR manifestation? The driving force behind the advent of such sustainable practices appears to be…


Women’s Day 2021, “Women in Leadership: Achieving an equal future in a COVID-19 world”, is all about celebrating female leaders around the world who #ChooseToChallenge the status quo and their efforts in shaping a more equal future. It’s been a year for Global Female Leaders. The pandemic proved the power and effectiveness of female leadership in successfully managing a crisis, and has also given a lot of women the opportunity to practice their skills and talents or discover a new one.

With every aspect of our lives being shifted online, countless women found a platform and were motivated to start…

Warping Time, installation made by Ankita Saigal and Nishka Dabriwala, using up-”cycled” wheels, displayed at Kala Ghoda Arts Festival 2019

Art is a reflection of reality: it conveys a message, influences thoughts, opinions, culture and also reflects prevalent societal sentiments and ongoing issues. In a time where the climate crisis is threatening the future of our planet and sustainable practices are being incorporated in several aspects of our lives, it is only natural that art too should reflect that sentiment.

Sustainable artworks take into account the impact they have on the environment, in an economic, social as well as cultural context; it invites us to reevaluate our creative production and consumption practices. …

Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

With the much awaited end of 2020, rather than mulling over the past we decided to look ahead into the future and see what another year into this new decade has to offer to the design industry. The very first step into the 20s was marked with unprecedented challenges that led us to rethink our lives as we know it. People were compelled to bring about lifestyle changes with the increased number of hours spent locked inside homes. With this compulsion came changes to the way these homes were organised, both in terms of their functionality and aesthetic. In order…

Studio Rever

Studio Rêver is a Multidisciplinary Spatial Design studio. We create experiences through Visual Merchandising, Interior and Set Designing/Styling.

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